Welcome to Foodco, situated in the Warecko-Pulawskiego Powisla region of southeast Poland. Picture a landscape where your view in any direction is dominated by lush orchards of apples and pears and flourishing shrubs laden with raspberries and currants. Local farmers have meticulously cultivated these delicate fruits for generations, ensuring optimal ripeness while preserving their unique qualities.

This region is truly blessed, boasting an exceptional assortment of berry fruits acclaimed for their distinctive flavours and aromas. We collaborate closely with our farmer suppliers, who use time-tested, natural methods to guarantee the fruits retain these unique qualities.


What sets Foodco apart?

Our processing plant stands unrivalled in its use of the latest production techniques in Poland. We maintain a stringent quality control process from fruit selection and pressing to bottling and High-Pressure Processing (HPP) at each production stage. This method ensures the product retains freshness and flavour while preserving to high degree the mineral content and vitamins.

Due to the high quality of our produce and the use HPP process there is never any need for additives, artificial flavours, or preservatives, thereby maintaining many of the fruit’s natural qualities. Furthermore, this HPP technology preserves our products’ fresh fruit and vegetable quality, offering our customers juices with a “freshly squeezed” characteristic and a prolonged shelf-life when refrigerated.

Our specially crafted drinks and shakes are produced using only the highest quality ingredients. Our collagen range, available in three to four sizes, contains the highest quality marine-derived collagen.