About Us

The production plant is modern and has been designed according to the highest standards.

During the production processes, an applicable process automation is used.

The applied solutions were designed strictly according to the needs of our company, using the latest technical innovations and the experience of the processing industry.

The production process is characterized by a high level of innovation, technical and technological advancement.

The selected models of machines and devices are among the most modern and technologically advanced offered by manufacturers on the world market.

Foodco Vita is a family company that was created out of love for high-quality products and attention to the smallest detail.

Our products are created for consumers who appreciate the quality, safety and taste of the products they purchase.

We work for clients who are aware of healthy, balanced nutrition.

Our mission is first and foremost

Providing the highest quality juices and food products.


We produce juices in handy and unique bottles,
matching a women’s handbag, men’s hand or a child’s school backpack.

For us, the production of juices means repeated attention to the smallest detail.

Purity, selection of raw materials, careful pressing, appropriate selection of key process parameters lead to the obtaining of PREMIUM quality products.