Our Products

Fruit Juices

In the juice industry, it is widely recognised that the highest quality fruit juices come from fresh, cold-pressed fruit, which is then immediately packaged and subjected to low-temperature preservation methods. Importantly, such a product should never undergo pasteurisation, as it tends to compromise both the original taste and nutrient content.

Aligned with this belief, we’ve established a production plant in Poland. This facility allows for the cold pressing of juices, bottling, and preservation using the low-temperature High Pressure Processing (HPP) method. In addition, we take pride in being the sole operators utilising high-pressure technology for juice extraction, pressing apple and citrus juices directly from fresh fruit.

This system ensures our juices retain a fresh taste and high nutrient content while extending their shelf life for optimal convenience.

Our juices are available in 250ml bottles, and in 1l, 3l, and 5l bags, in the following flavours:

Apple Juice

Orange Juice

Pineapple Juice

Carrot Juice

Pomegranate Juice

Lemon Juice (available in 3l or 5l bags only)

Lime Juice (available in bags only)

Passion Fruit Juice (available in bags only)

Raspberry Juice (available in bags only)

Strawberry Juice (available in bags only)


Our Smoothies are based on unpasteurized, freshly squeezed juices. They have a rich taste with high nutritional content. Each smoothie is carefully crafted and is unique in terms of quality on the market. All smoothies then go through High Pressure Processing (HPP) which results in high nutrient content and retaining distinctive flavours and a good shelf-life when refrigerated. These are the unique and distinctive features of our company’s products.

Smoothies are available in 250ml bottles and bags (3l and 5l) in the following flavours:

  1. Strawberry

  2. Raspberry

  3. Mango

  4. Mango Lassie

  5. Almond


Unpasteurised Cold Brew Coffees

Cold Brew is a method of brewing that utilises a low-temperature process. Unlike fine grinding, the coffee beans in this method are kept coarse, and the extraction process, spanning several hours, allows for the emergence of a unique range of coffee flavours and aromas. Using osmosis-filtered water, a consistently low temperature and an optimal duration enable us to extract the finest quality of coffee.

The perfect taste of our Cold Brew stems from the high-quality Arabica beans cultivated in the mountainous regions of globally recognised coffee-producing countries, namely Colombia, Honduras, Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia—the very birthplace of coffee.

A distinct feature of our coffees is that they are not pasteurised. This aids in the preservation of valuable ingredients, thus resulting in an infusion that replicates the properties of freshly macerated coffee berries.

We offer the following varieties of Cold Brew Coffees in our range:

Double Espresso Ethiopia – An intense coffee shot infused with subtle hints of citrus.

Double Espresso Columbia – A coffee shot featuring a bold, classic chocolate flavour.

Black Columbia – A milder coffee beverage, ideal for hot days.

Black Decaffeinated

Latte Brazil – A coffee beverage enriched with milk.

Lactose-free Latte – A lactose-free and sugar-free variant.

Latte with Oat-milk – A sugar-free variety based on oat milk.

All our Cold Brew coffees are free from added sugars.


Unpasteurised Collagen Drinks